Thor Magnus Kapor

Thor Magnus Kapor is world class Icelandic painter specializing in preserving the essence of untouched nature of Iceland in colourful pastel.

Colour is the main feature in his paintings and is influenced by natural modern realism, accentuated by elements of the Mannerism style, using strong contour lines and structures.

This altogether engages mystic feelings and meditative moods, capturing the atmosphere of the moment.

For further information please contact the gallery at thor@kapor.is or at +00 354 8918719.

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 In his investigations of the Icelandic landscapes, Thor’s paintings represent uniqueness, mysticism and original freedom of this country.

From striking lightnings to colourful natural wonders, his paintings demonstrate the transformative forces of nature and its beauty.

For the past 20 years he has exclusively dedicated his work to the contemplation of Icelandic nature impressions. Holding over 20 exhibitions all over Iceland, the last in Gallery Reykjavik in 2013, he became a recognizable painter, considered to be an Icelandic State Artist.

Thor Magnus is the only artist in Iceland working actively on the Icelandic landscape impressions for the last 2 decades and the only one to use oil pastel technique.